WillowTonkinese are intelligent, vivacious, affectionate, playful, inquisitive and curious.  They can also jump onto shelves, benches and table tops. They love to get into mischief.

The overall impression of the Tonkinese is that of a well proportioned and well muscled cat of medium foreign type.  The Tonkinese should fall squarely between the types of the Burmese and the Siamese from which its own distinctive breed derives.

First generation Tonkinese are a cross between a Burmese and a Siamese and have managed to pick up the best qualities of both these breeds.

Many people think it is cruel to have an inside only cat, but it has been proven that you will have a healthier and happier cat if you keep him or her inside regardless of the breed

Here are some reasons for keeping your cat safe

Inside cats                                                                                      
Have a life span of 12 – 20 years
Are not exposed to disease
Will not get into fights with neighbourhood strays
Will not be attacked by dogs
Will not be hit by cars
Will not get lost
Will never go hungry
Cannot be abused by strangers
Are safe from chemicals and fertilizers
Cannot be stolen
Are happy living indoors                                    

Outside cats
Have a life span of 1 -5 years
Could be exposed to leukemia, feline aids,  etc
Will fight causing expensive vet bills
Are maimed or killed by dogs
Are hit by cars and injured or killed
Do stray from home and get lost
Can die from starvation
Can be tormented or tortured for fun
Deliberately harmed by other people
Are stolen
Breed if not desexed and add to pet overpopulation                                                       

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