The basic colours are seal, chocolate, blue and lilac with 3 different basic coat pattern variations to those colours –mink, sepia and pointed.

Chocolate Mink





Cinnamon Mink


Cinnamon Sepia

Cinnamon Point

Seal Mink

Seal Point


Blue Mink



Mink: The points on the mask, ears, feet and tail should present an unmistakably darker expression of the body colour, merging gently and sharply contrasted. The eyes should be greenish blue or bluish green with a range from green to light blue

Sepia: This is the Burmese expression and so the point contrast may be almost totally lacking. Point colour is expressed mostly on the mask and ears. The eye colour should be green to gold.

Pointed: Strongly developed mask, ears, legs and tail contrasting with a pale body. Any shading on the body should be a paler shade of the point colour. Eye colour should be bright to deep blue.

There are also other additions to the basic colour and pattern range. They include cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, caramel and patterns, tabby, tortie

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